Office Staff

Dick Taylor - Owner
Guy Taylor - Owner
Butch Nichols - General Manager / Customer Service Representative
Paul Schmidt - Customer Service Representative
Scott Taylor - Mechanical Customer Service Representative
Matt Taylor - Used Parts Manager / Quality Control
Sue Franklin - Accounting
Trevor Caudle - Parts Manager
Kayla Crawford - Office Receptionist
Dusty - In Memory Of Our Retired Chief Of Security

Production Staff

Jim Wright - Shop Production Manager
Johnnie Crawford - Body & Paint Production Manager / Body Technician
Tim Schuster - Body Technician
Stan Lemmons - Body Technician
Paul Norgaard - Paint Technician
Randy Mccoy - Piant Technician
Jimmy Cranwill - Paint Technician
Mike Risse - Glass Technician
Dave Turley - Mechanical Technician
Josh Casper - Mechanical Technician
Dalton Miller - Mechanical Technician
Jarrett Ball - Detail Technician
Darrell Trader - Detail Technician
Danny Downey - Shuttle & Maintenance
Bill Priddy - Towing Recovery Specialist
Memory of Dennis Frank - Mechanical Technician
Memory of Bud Flowers - Towing Department / Maintenance
In memory of Ron Greenwood - A Great Man and Mechanic